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Brother DS600 Scanner Driver

Brother DS600/600 Handheld Scanner Software Driver Download.
OS:Windows 7 32-bit, Win Vista 32-bit, Win XP, 2000
Download DSmobile600-32bitDriver-CD20.exe
OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit
Download DSmobile600-64bitDriver-CD20.exe
install for DSMobile 600/DS 600 Scann II
1-Click below on the blue text to download the executable file: DSmobileSCAN II v2.0.6.1-CD20.exe
2-Select Save to save the file to your PC. You can also copy it to a CD for installation on another PC.
3-Double click on the file to launch it. Select the directory where you want to extract the installation files to by using the browse button. By default, this folder will be C:\BROTHER\DSMOBILE600\DSMOBILESCANII.
4-Click “Unzip”.
5. In the folder selected in step 3, double-click the Setup.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the scanning software.
Download DSmobileSCAN II v2.0.6.1-CD20.exe for Windows
OS: Mac OS X
DSmobile DS600 Software and Drivers for Mac
Download DSmobile600_Mac_1_2_1.dmg
Example instructions:
Download the DSmobile600_Mac.dmg driver by clicking on the blue file link below.
1-Double click on the DSmobile 600 driver file.
2- Click on “Continue”.
3- Select the disk for the installation or click “Continue”.
4- Click “Install”.
5- Close other application software and then click “Continue Installation”.
6- When the installation is complete, click “Restart”.
7- Connect your DSmobile 600 scanner to a Macintosh USB port.
8- Start your TWAIN-compliant application software. The Macintosh is supplied with “Image Capture” software but you may use other TWAIN-compliant software. In our DS mobile 600 User’s manual Refer to “Calibrating Your DS mobile 600 Using Image capture”, p. 20 for instructions.
9- Under “Import,” select “DSmobile 600”. Follow the on-screen instructions for calibration and scanning.


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